Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stencils Part 3

Stencils Part 2

First stencil was made for an old warehouse venue that existed in Fort Collins around 2002-2004.  Third and fifth stencils are based on the face of a woman with Alzheimer's, part of a series of stencils of the elderly dealing with mental degeneration.  

Stencils Part 1

First two stencils are 5 years old.  Last one was made in Winter 2008 in Portland.

Printmaking Class Part Three

Here's three more linoleum prints.  The skull is ripped-off from the Youth Attack! logo, so sue me, already...

Printmaking Class Part Two

Here are a series of prints that I worked on for a Printmaking class four years ago at Front Range Community College.  Its a four-color linoleum print.  Had a lot of fun with this one.